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Step Aside, Plantain Chips

How can something this simple be this mind-bendingly delicious? It’s just a wonder of nature.

Simple ingredients: fresh green plantains, sunflower oil and natural seasonings. When we slice, smash and kettle cook them together, they are bigger, crispier, crunchier and more satisfying.

Discover Tastes from Sunny Places

Every Solula toston is a tasty little ticket to adventure—transporting you to sun-drenched fields and spice-warmed kitchens around the equator. Our founders, Danny & Rigo, want you to experience the flavor of these places, made with traditional recipes shared by farming families they’ve known for generations. We know you will enjoy these authentic, sustainably produced snacks, created for your crunching pleasure.

Tostones vs. Plantain Chips

We cook them, smash them and then cook them again so they are bigger, crispier, crunchier and more satisfying than an ordinary plantain chip.

What are tostones

Our Story

Solula Tostones are grown, harvested, cooked and packaged in family owned and operated facilities in Ecuador and Guatemala.

Our story
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