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Our Founders

Danny, Rigo and their families have been working with farmers for generations to bring fresh produce from the fields in South and Central America to stores across the United States.

Over the years, they’ve built strong family friendships in some of the world’s warmest places, and shared countless meals made with treasured family recipes that they’ve always dreamed of bringing home to snack loving people like you.

With Solula, this dream has become a reality.

Our Story

We make the best plantain tostones on the planet, working with local farmers and a traditional recipe that has been passed along for generations.

Our Growing Partners

Solula partners with local plantain growers in Ecuador and Guatemala. We’re committed to supporting them in maintaining the health of their crops, their lands and their livelihoods.

Local Focus

Operating out of exclusively controlled facilities, Solula operations in Ecuador and Guatemala give support to the local communities by offering sustainable growing efforts, steady employment and educational outreach.

Fresh-Picked, Cooked & Packed in 48 hours

We rush plantains in from the fields, and convert them to tostones within 48 hours. We bag them on site, ASAP, to lock in flavor and freshness. They’re never, ever repacked.

Authentic Family Recipe

Our authentic recipe and proprietary batching technique were perfected by our partners and their families through the generations.

Our Commitment to our Community

Maximizing farmer profits

We only partner with local farmers. We support them with education and agricultural assistance to help maximize their harvest, expand their yields and grow their farms for future generations.

Caring for employees and families

Our company’s Employee Betterment Package supports our workers and their families with assistance programs, daily meals and small loans.

Reducing food waste

We can make beautiful tostones from ugly plantains that grocers reject. That means farmers can sell their entire crop, and no plantains are thrown away.

Commitment to country

Our tostones are fully made in country, right down to the bags and boxes that they’re shipped in.

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