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What are Plantain Crisps or Tostones?

Plantain Crisps - Also called Tostones (“tow-stone-ayz”)* are the chips plantain-growing families have created for their own crunching pleasure for generations. Unlike common plantain chips that are small and lack flavor, tostones are created with a special batching technique that creates a bigger, crunchier, tastier chip. 

Green plantains, fresh from the fields, are peeled, thickly sliced, cooked, smashed and then cooked again to crispy golden perfection.

These extra steps draw out a unique nutty flavor and elevate the humble plantain to a lighter, crispier, irresistibly salty and delicious next level.

*It is nearly impossible to eat just one, but if you do, it’s called a toston (“tow-stone”)

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